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That's what I help people do!


​I remember growing up already knowing that there were just some things that I wasn't going to conform to, and I knew that I was meant to fly, just as I am. 


Over the course of my life I’ve been laughed at because, some of my views and my 'flow' are seen as a bit different from the "mainstream" way of looking at things.  I knew there was more beyond what we were told, and even beyond what we could see.  Questions I had no one could really seem to answer... I'm cool with being a little right of center, and there’s no need to hide who I am just because, others don’t understand it, or may be a little uncomfortable with it. 


However, over time, I also fell into the typical go to college get a 'real'  corporate job lifestyle.  Naturally, for me, that eventually lead to feelings of mediocrity, lack of fulfillment, and random bouts of sadness that I didn't understand at first...after all, I was well paid, and knew that lots of people would have given anything for that type of opportunity.  Right?

...But then it hit me.

I realized that something was missing from my life. 


I began to recall the times, the elders told me, “Do what you are going to do now, while you still can”, or “Enjoy your life now; don’t wait”, and my favorite “Seize the moment!!”. 


For a while, I thought was doing that to some degree, but after I witnessed a few miracles and saw, first hand, how life could take an unexpected turn, and simple things we take for granted can be ripped right out of our hands, I realized I needed to change direction and fill the void. 


Years ago, I started an eCommerce business as an accessories designer.  Being online lead me to engaging on Social Media, then I landed on YouTube, where I began sharing my expertise on the versatility, care, and style of natural hair.  Then, I expanded my reach to include something greater.



I’m an advocate for the ultimate in self-care and self-love - purposeful, happy, and abundant living.  Life is a lot easier than we make it, and my passion is to help people learn that they can finally experience fulfillment and lead the high spirited, joyful life that's meant for them. 


I teach people what self-care really is, covering a wide range of topics like confidence, removing limiting beliefs, honoring your BeUtiFul™ quirks & rhythms, The Law of Attraction, and more.


My coaching is based on my experience, research, and intuition. My primary goal is to show you that happiness is a choice, and that you can find it by living in your purpose, following the path you truly desire, that now is your time, and that life is easier than you think, when you just move out of your own way. 


Whether its the free content I offer through my YouTube Channel, my Social Media accounts, or through my free and paid Coaching programs, I empower purpose-driven people to take control of their lives.  And it's AMAZING!


"Thanks for getting me all fired up as I walk into the New Year!  You always have such great nuggets of wisdom to share.  Keep it coming!"

Angelic Marnier

Business Coach

"T.J. Sykes is a positive moving force. Her energy and work ethic have the power to cause you to 'SHIFT'. She has a heart for those in need of understanding the availability of abundance life has to offer. I love the deep perspectives she gives me!

She is one of the very rare few coaches, that uses creativity and real world dynamics together, bringing a cathartic healing experience for her clients. While many lifestyle and wellness coaches deal with the outer layers, Coach TJ delves deeper in your psyche to get to the root cause, allowing you to open up and live freely with joy and peace. Her truth is worth every dollar."

S. Clark Brooks

Author/Christian Business Coach

"Some people enjoy telling you what to do, while T.J. enjoys helping others. She isn't a tell it like it is know it all, like some who may not respect their confiders privacy. T.J. is a trustworthy advisor. Her advice to me always been unbiased, honest, and encouraging."

A.L. Lang


Now it's your turn!


You are meant to shine and experience rich abundance and happiness!  You can have a life of ease and flow, being the person you were meant to be, and your talents, gifts, experiences, and expertise are meant to be shared and help others. 


If you:

  • Know you were destined for GREATER 
  • Know that it's time to follow your own path and live in your purpose
  • Are ready to get off the side-lines and participate in your REAL life
  • Are ready to BE and EMBODY who you are authentically
  • Are excited about owning your happiness and co-creating the life you desire

...Then the time is now to explore what that looks like for you!



10 Practical Tips to Help You Find Happiness in Your Purpose.