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How to Experience Deep Authenticity and Joy. 

September 22, 2021

My mission is to help people feel empowered to be who they truly are.  After spending years stuck in a career that pays the bills, and MAY put the children through school, many feel that's all there is.  That's why I'm inspired to do this; I see so much potential in people who don't see it in themselves, or who decide to put it on the back burner, for reasons like, "that's the practical thing to do..." or "I'm too busy at work", etc.


As long as there's breath in our bodies, we have time to create the kind of life experience we desire.  By simply BEING, and allowing ourselves to be in flow, we can do just that. 

"When you're here, it creates this domino effect of peace, joy, vitality, and then some!"


Believe it or not, allowing your authentic self to come through, being in a deep space of creative expression (however that shows up for you), puts you in a position to experience more of what you expected from life.  It's actually one of the reasons you're on this planet.  Being in flow (flowing), generates this domino effect of peace, joy, vitality, and then some!   


What gives us flow are activities that we can be fully immersed in, that make us lose all sense of time.  This is where our talents, skills, and gifts come out to play.  Every part of our being is absorbed into it, and when we come up for air, there's this feeling of achievement that rushes over us, and then we want more.  


I refer to it as being in my ZONE; it gives me this natural high, where I'm so into it that I might not want to stop to eat.  I feel ALIVE and empowered to fully embody who I Am.  It's all the things!

These are fantastic benefits of being in flow:

  • Powers creativity
  • Unleashes higher levels of happiness
  • Amps fulfillment
  • Ushers in a sense of wholeness
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Advances abundance
  • Raises the vibration
  • Attracts higher vibrations into your experience



If time or money were out of the equation, how would you flow?  I invite you to set aside slots in your schedule to get into your zone, and be in FLOW...even if it's just for a little while at first. 








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Peace in Knowing the Universe Has Your Back.

September 20, 2021

A sense of calm comes over me in the midst of a storm (life happening), because I know that I Am surrounded by an overflowing continuum of divine love and support.


EVERYONE has access to this energy, but many of us don't understand how to tap into it, believing life has to be an uphill battle, that we have to work hard to get through.  Yes, times can get tough, but they don't have to last, and they can be easier to navigate through than we make it.


Even when it seems like I Am going through "it", I Am grateful for the liberation I feel after I make the decision to separate what I cannot control from what I can. 

"The relief of that burdensome weight being lifted off your shoulders, is FREEDOM."



It serves me most when I:


  • Give MYSELF permission to only handle what I can. 
    • ​​Focus on those things and mark them off the TO DO list, as I complete them, then celebrate each one.


  • Leave the hard stuff to the higher power (The Presence that's never an absence) "The Professionals".  Clearly, He/She/They are way more qualified to work miracles than I am.
    • ​This is a Sacred Collaboration (what I like to call it); the key is to be present in the process, but not in the way of the resolution.

The relief of that burdensome weight being lifted off your shoulders, is FREEDOM.  It's pure MAGIC.




Lay your burdens down, because the Universe has your back.

Be grateful, because the Universe has your back.

Have peace, because the Universe has your back.


Know that you can rely on that unending supply of love and support, to get you through.






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The Impact That Self-Sabotage Has on Your Life.

May 20, 2021

Self-sabotage much?

Overthinking and self-doubt is your subconscious mind making an excuse for you to stifle your divine gifts, dim your divine light, and procrastinate on living in your purpose.  It's your mental chatter keeping you STUCK.  My friend, your inner saboteur is trapping you in a box of fear.  

"Your mental chatter is you standing in your own way."


Everyone has it, but if you let the mental chatter define you, you're destined to live a mediocre existence, you've opted out of co-creating your beUtiFul experience, and you've decided to allow life to happen to you, instead of living it.  


An article, in Forbes magazine, discusses several science-based ways to help manage mental chatter, with meditation being one of those alternatives.  As humans, we'll always have it, so we're not looking to remove mental chatter.  The key is to learn how to simply observe it, use what's helpful, and carry on. 

Remember happiness is a choice. Living abundantly is a choice. Being who you are, authentically, is also a choice. You just have to get clear on what it is you truly want for yourself, and BE it.


"There are beUtiFul facets of you that are so much more powerful than your fear."   - T.J. Sykes


Each of us are so complex and gorgeous and complicated and unique and simple and different, yet the same.  We are multi-faceted.  We all have something to offer.  We are all special at the big and little things that make us special. 


So, the next time your inner saboteur comes out to play, just acknowledge it with gratitude, tell it "Thanks, but I got this."







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  • Peace in Knowing the Universe Has Your Back.


How to Experience Deep Authenticity and Joy.